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CD, MP3 and any other Media Player

Songs-DB can play any kind of audio files because it uses WinAmp compatible plug-ins for decoding. So it plays not only MP3s, WMAs and WAVs, but also Audio CDs, OGG Vorbis, VQF and many other types. With proper WinAmp compatible plug-in even video files can be played, so Songs-DB can be used as an AVI or DivX player and music videos can accompany ordinary audio tracks.

WinAmp Skins

Songs-DB uses WinAmp compatible skins for its internal player and so you can choose among thousands of already created ones.

Music Jukebox and Manager

Songs-DB helps keep order in your music collection. It presents all songs in an easily understandable way and simplifies you a lot of tasks. See below the list of the main features.

MP3 Converter (Audio Encoder and Decoder)

Songs-DB can convert among wide range of audio formats. It can decode any kind of file for which WinAmp input plug-in exists and encode it as a MP3, WMA, WAV or some other format. Therefore Songs-DB converts MP3 to WAV, WAV to MP3, MP3 to WMA, WMA to MP3, CDA to MP3 and many other ways.

MP3 Search Engine

Songs-DB can perform a song search in your music collection and give you a list of songs fulfilling specified criteria immediately.

Audio CD Ripper (Audio Grabber)

Songs-DB can digitally extract audio CD tracks and convert them to virtually any audio format.

CDDB support

Songs-DB uses freedb (CDDB replacement) for getting information about Audio CDs.

Lyric of songs

... as well as many other properties can be stored for all songs. You can enter (or automatically import from tags) all basic properties, like the song title, artist and album name, a number of advanced properties, like ISDN, BPM or publisher name, some long memos, like comments or music lyric and also several custom fields.

Audio CD Burner

Songs-DB can burn audio CDs directly in a comfort way. You can also normalize songs before burning and include CD-Text information. Nero - Burning Rom software is used for audio CD burning.

MP3 Tagger

Songs-DB can do mass tagging of several media types, including MP3 (ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags) and WMA tags.

MP3 Renamer

Songs-DB can do mass renaming of files, based on information from tags, playlists or any user specified data.

MP3 Playlister

Songs-DB can read and write m3u playlists and store them in a tree structure.

MP3 Normalizer

Songs-DB can normalize MP3s, WAVs as well as other formats, either during playback, grabbing, burning or audio conversion.

Other features

Songs-DB has a number of other remarkable features, here is a short list of some of them:
  • Cache (Caches songs from removable media to HD - even from audio CDs)
  • Previews (Can make very small (20-40kb) previews of songs on removable media)
  • Can handle multiple CD-ROM drives and also any switch in drive letters is ok.
  • Unlimited hierarchical playlists (including auto-playlists) helps in organizing collection in any ways user chooses.
  • All the time consuming operations (encoding, scanning, ..) work on background in a separate thread, so user can continue in his/her work.
  • Songs-DB cooperates very well with WinAmp, probably the most famous player.
  • Has powerful querying system.
  • Recognizes songs with duplicate content.
  • Locates songs that were moved to another location than is stored in the database.
  • Has nice, easy to use and also very powerful explorer-like interface.
  • It will be possible to store audio CD covers soon.
  • You can buy your favourite CDs directly from our partners, Barnes&Noble, CD Universe, PlayCentric or AllPosters.
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